About Parachute Technology

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Parachute Technology has a team of dedicated professionals here to help your company thrive.  We can help by improving your presence on the web, making sure your new customers find you first, as well as making sure your systems are optimally configured and running fast. Whether you are starting a new business, your stalling business needs some help, or you are a thriving small business in need of repairs or upgrades, Parachute Technology is here for you.  Parachute Technology has been in business since 2009 and is based in Olympia, Washington.

Green-BusinessParachute Technology believes in supporting our local community and businesses. Many of our clients are local businesses and we enjoy promoting them on our website and supporting their businesses.  Check out Our Clients page to see some of our valued customers located in your area! We also buy supplies for our company as local as possible and hope you do too.

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About the Owners

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Matt and Kendra have lived in Olympia, Washington for ten years.  They are both dedicated to building their company and making it as successful as possible, while providing good service and knowledge to their clients.   Matt grew up in Mesa, Arizona and moved to Washington 10 years ago and Kendra grew up in Grapeview, Washington.  Married for five years now, they love going to the movies, volunteering and helping their community, meeting new people, learning new things, and spending time with friends, family, and their boxers, Briscoe and Bayley.

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Parachute Technology’s Service Areas

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  • Olympia, WA
  • Lacey, WA
  • Tumwater, WA
  • Shelton, WA

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  • Dupont, WA
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Lakewood, WA
  • University Place, WA

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  • All of Thurston County
  • Parts of Mason County
  • Parts of Pierce County

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