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Branding is one of the most important things you can do for your company.  It gives you an image that your customers can relate to and can recognize you by.   At the same time your image can project what you do and who you are to new or potential customers.  It is the most important tool to success, because your brand gives your business a voice. It speaks to what kind of business you are and what you can provide to your customers.

A good brand can also give customers a first impression as to what kind of service they will receive. A poorly designed or inconsistent brand may give off the impression that you are inconsistent in the work you provide, this is absolutely not what you want.

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Branding is an important tool to SUCCESSFUL MARKETING


A company identity is more than just a logo, although a logo is a big part of it. Branding packages can also include Business cards, stationary (letterhead and envelopes), Presentation Folders, and a Company Identity System (CIS).

CIS is the guidelines that your brand should follow, including color palate, typography, and printing specs.  It is a guide for you to follow that will allow you to have a consistent look and feel in any and all advertising and marketing projects that you have. It is always important to be consistent with your brand, so you are always projecting the same message as to who you are and what you do.

Branding packages can include any number of other items that your business needs to be successful, including clothing, presentation templates, and notepads and brochures.

With a good Identity, you can be very successful and really stand out from your competitors.

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