Case Study: Upgraded Website Improves Online Presence

Parachute Technology | Washington State Senior Citizens' LobbyLate last year, Parachute Technology had the privilege of updating and creating the website for the Washington State Senior Citizens’ Lobby. Their old website was designed by Parachute Technology several years ago, without a built in Content Management System (CMS).  With the need to bring their website current and to enhance their online presence, Parachute Technology rebuilt the website using WordPress CMS in late 2012.  After the launch of their new website, the Senior Lobby received great reviews from their patrons regarding the cleaner look, ease of use, and the updated format.

Using Google Analytics, we were able to pull a report showing the performance of their new website compared to their old website during the same months last year.  The results were amazing! Overall visits to their website increased by nearly 34%.  With a site that was now enhanced for SEO, their organic Google search hits increased by 52%.  And with the cleaner look and easier navigation, the average duration their visitors stayed on their site went up by 36%.

This case study is meant to show the benefits and results to using WordPress CMS and upgrading your businesses website to be more search engine friendly and easier to use for your customers, clients, and members.

To view the full Analytics report for the Senior Lobby’s Website, click on the image below.

[auto_thumb width=”300″ height=”200″ link=”” target=”_blank” lightbox=”false” align=”center” title=”Full Analytics Report” alt=”Parachute Technology | Senior Citizens’ Lobby Analytics Report” iframe=”true” frame=”true” crop=”true”][/auto_thumb]

To check out the Senior Lobby’s full website, click here

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