On NOT Buying the Newest Gadgets and iPhone Speculation

Bleeding edge user. Technology enthusiast.  Early adopter. Fool with money. I guess I’ve considered myself all of these things at some point.  Since the iPhone 3G came out in 2008, for example, I’ve upgraded just about every year.  I watch with bated breath the WWDC (Apple’s annual developer conference where they usually announce the new iPhone or iPad) to see the new features that have already been leaked and speculated upon in the weeks and months leading up to WWDC.  I remember upgrading my iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4 with retina display, and MAN, was that an awesome upgrade.  I had skipped the 3GS to save some money.  I also skipped the iPhone 4S when it came out.  The performance boost just wasn’t worth the hundreds of dollars it would cost to upgrade (you see, I can’t just upgrade my iPhone; Kendra gets whatever I get as a rule).  The iPhone 5 came out and that one we had to have.  New build, taller screen, slimmer and faster…we had to have it.  I’m extremely happy with my i5.  When the iPhone 5S came out, guess what I did?  That’s right.  I waited for the iPhone 6.  Rather, I am currently waiting for the iPhone 6.

iPhone 5S Released in 2013

The iPhone 5S has some pretty sweet features.  New camera modes, better flash, fingerprint reader, and double performance with the A7 chip (drool), made it hard to resist the upgrade.  Still, I resisted.  My wallet thanked me, and you know what?  I don’t feel like I’m missing much.  My iPhone 5 works really well for what I need it for.  I can type in a password to unlock my phone.  I’ve done it for years.  I can take great looking photos that will look great in the future.  In 20 years, when looking back at 8MP photos, we’re probably going to say “I can’t believe we thought flat, 2D super low resolution photos looked good!”  What do we say about color 35MM prints today?  See?  If I had upgraded to the better low-light camera with better flash, I’d still be saying the same thing in 21 years anyway, so lets save the hundreds of bucks this year, okay?  Oh, and when it comes to performance, all I have to do is pretend that the 5S isn’t out, and that the A6 processor is still king.  A little imagination and I don’t miss what I haven’t had.  The A6 is a great processor anyway.

iPhone 6 Rumors

Sometime this year, Apple will announce the iPhone 6.  The rumors to date (late January) are that there will be 2 models released this year.  One with a 4.8″ screen and probably a new higher resolution, and one with something like a 5.5″ screen (and likely the same resolution).  I’ve always been a proponent of one-handed usage and the ability to reach all areas of the screen with one-hand.  A 5.5″ screen will require 2 hands to use comfortably (just observe a Galaxy S4 or Note 3 user).  Depending on how much more screen Apple can add without adding too much device width, the 4.8″ screen is likely a great idea.

If the glove fits, I must debit
If the glove fits, I must debit
I’m sure the iPhone 6 will have a better camera, a faster processor, and a slimmer, thinner body.  It’ll be all aluminum (no glass on the back).  They’re getting rid of the low-selling 5C (and will in my estimation keep the iPhone 5S as the $99 or free phone).  My prediction of unannounced/unleaked features (this is just my early opinion): compatible iWatch with curved display and a bunch of health sensors (no camera and MUCH slicker/better than the Galaxy Gear).  No more 16GB version (new memory technology makes larger storage cheaper and smaller).  128GB iPhone option.  Thinner than iPhone 5S.  13MP camera that’s better at low-light, etc. etc.

Anyway, since I’m up for a renewal this year, I think I’ll most likely buy the iPhone 6.  I wonder what the resale value will be for my 64GB iPhone 5…